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We cordially welcome you to our homepage and expect an opportunity to share an extensive and creative opinions one another through the internet.

Since 1990, GCS has grown up as one of the leading manufacturers of Automotive Air-conditioning Compressors in Korea and our products have been exported to worldwide markets for over 10 years, enjoying the highest reputation with the products of good quality and competitive price levels.

In spite of our short business background, we are proud to announce to all of you that GCS has been growing steadily and emerging today as a world-widely renowned Automotive A/C compressor manufacturer in belief that we can survive from the severe competition in the worldwide markets only through the unceasing and untiring technical development that would consistently enhance our service for customers.

Thanks to our everlasting efforts in developing our technology and expanding our markets,
GCS was decorated "Steel Tower Medal" from the government of Korea in 2003.

With such of our business background as well as long accumulated technology in this field, we are now ready to challenge to be a top-quality manufacturer of Automotive A/C compressors in the market on a global level. Our innovative technical development and solid quality system will enable you to meet our independent own-branded compressor models within a short distance future.

GCS hereby pledges again to do its utmost continuing technological innovation so that the name of GCS can be widely known in the world market with superior quality and competitive prices and we assure that such a dream will come true soon.

At the same time, we promise our staff members will always strive to make the utmost profits and such profits will be restored for not only the welfare for GCS members but also for the society through responsible and transparent management.